The Challenge:
Asset Managers and Project Managers have been using simple spreadsheets to document and distribute equipment. This process is cumbersome and not always accurate. My team and I were given a design system to work with and a quick turn around time.
Our Analysis
To get a better idea of how we should proceed, we decided that we needed to get a better understanding of who our users were, what conditions they were in, and why they used what they used.  
- Users were older, typically having worked in construction for years prior.
- Users used a split of tablets, desktop computers, and laptops.
- Most users used spreadsheets as it is what they have been using for years.
To better understand both our users and what they do, we created user flows and personas.
The First Prototype
After our analysis we began working on a prototype. I focused on managing our style sheet, the asset request form, and project management screen. We each helped each other review and make sure that it was both cohesive and fluent once prototyped.
User Testing
We tested 3 users which were all Caterpillar clients who would be interacting with this portal.
- The project creation screens were confusing to many of the users. They felt that they didn't fully understand what information went where.
- Users liked having the dashboard for maintenance to get a quick idea of what needs maintenance and is being utilized.
- The project management screen wasn't thorough enough for users. They felt they needed the ability to move assets around without needing to remove and add them to projects.
We got a lot of valuable information that we applied to make better functioning designs for the final prototype.
The Final Prototype
For the final prototype we had an hour to consult with our Caterpillar Team Advisors to improve our initial designs and make changes. Below are some of the final screens of the project that we presented to Caterpillars Digital Design Team. 
Going Forward
While the project is over, I feel that there were many things I would have liked to change. To start, there were many things we learned during the user tests that were too large to change for the short timespan. I would want to do an overhaul of the project management tab allowing them to more easily see what the asset managers have available at any given time. Overall, I felt the project went well and we got some great results.
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